Orthopedic surgeon gives valuable time and expert advice to students


Imagine you were in the top tier of your graduating class but in the midst of your second year at the University of Miami Medical School, you do not feel the same level of confidence appreciated as an undergrad.  Medical school is a whole different ballgame.  Nevertheless, your gross anatomy department has asked you to assist teaching extremity anatomy to the combined MD/PhD students. 

Dr. Bruce Fletcher and Dr. Elliott Hinkes

How to gain experience when you shadow in a medical setting


Getting accepted into medical school is not an easy task.  The application process is grueling for a reason.  Medical schools want only extremely motivated, intelligent individuals that will be able to withstand the rigorous educational demands of pursuing a path in medicine.  Having the ability to show the admissions committee that the student has outstanding academic grades and MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) scores is not enough;