Meet the newest addition to Northwest Broward Orthopedic Associates

Our New Physical Therapist Welcomes Patients to the Department

Dr. Bruce Fletcher and Dr. Elliott Hinkes opened NWBOA over 20 years ago. Through the years they’ve worked with an amazing team. They welcomed Dr. Bronson Bartolone to the team last year. Dr. Bartolone is the Director of Physical Therapy in the Physical Therapy department and we are confident of the expertise and compassion he will bring to the practice.

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

After surgery, you want to get back to your life as quickly as possible. However, many surgeries will leave you laid up for days, weeks, or months, and it can be hard to feel like yourself again, especially when you’re still dealing with pain from your injury or your surgery. At Northwest Broward Orthopedics, we provide state-of-the-art post-surgical physical therapy.

What is an Orthopedic Brace?

Orthopedic braces are medical devices designed to address musculoskeletal issues; they are used to properly align, correct the position, support, stabilize, and protect certain parts of the body (particularly the muscles, joints, and bones) as they heal from injury or trauma. These medical devices are often prescribed for the patient to wear during the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

Tips for Lifting and Carrying Luggage

The larger and heavier your luggage, the more at risk you are for neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Lifting and carrying bulky luggage can strain your bones, muscles, and joints. In addition, many airlines are now charging fees to check baggage–so more and more travelers are risking injury by lugging over-packed carry-on bags through the airport and lifting them into the overhead bins.

The Foundation for a Lifetime of Bone and Joint Health

Active Families Are The Foundation for a Lifetime of Bone and Joint Health

We know that kids who routinely play sports, ride their bikes, and even just play outside are healthier and happier. We also know that exercise and activity during childhood, along with a nutritious diet, are critical for building strong bones and maintaining a healthy body weight—not just in childhood,

New to NWBOA: Massage Spa

Northwest Broward Orthopedics is proud to announce that our Massage Spa is now open! Take 15, 30, or 60 minutes out of your day to relax, unwind, and heal with our licensed massage therapists. Below is our hours for Autumn 2019.

Have any questions? Give us a call or text 56-336-0922.  See you soon!

High School Athletes & Injuries

Every year, millions of teenagers participate in high school sports. An injury to a high school athlete can be a significant disappointment for the teen, the family, and the coaches. The pressure to play can lead to decisions that may lead to additional injury with long-term effects. High school sports injuries can cause problems that require surgery as an adult,

Snapping Hip Syndrome–What is it and why does it happen?

What is snapping hip syndrome?

Snapping hip is a condition in which you feel a snapping sensation or hear a popping sound in your hip when you walk, get up from a chair, or swing your leg around.

The snapping sensation occurs when a muscle or tendon (the strong tissue that connects muscle to bone) moves over a bony protrusion in your hip.